"Best thing we did [on Kauai]... we saw several whales, dolphins, and sea turtles."
– Tina T, TripAdvisor 5 out of 5 stars 3/20/17

Whale Watching Kauai

From December through April, Kohala, the Humpback Whale, makes the annual migration to play and breach in Hawaiian waters. During this time, all Capt. Andy's tours offer an opportunity to view these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Hawaii Whales

Each year Kohola, the Hawaiian Humpback whale, swims from their Alaskan feeding grounds to the warm waters of Hawaii. The whales journey across vast oceans, navigating by instinct alone. Hawaii is their winter home, a place to play, to give birth and to start new generations.

Kauai Whale Watching Tours

Captain Andy's has years of whale watching experience having been exploring the Na Pali since 1980. Their captains know how to carefully share the waters with these amazing sea mammals and can provide educational information about the whales on all of the tours.

All tours include whale watching Dec - Apr (peak months Jan - Mar).

Our seasoned captains are experienced at scanning the horizon for signs of activity and, when whales are spotted, they cautiously steer towards their vicinity. However, Hawaii's "100 yard minimum" law ensures that boats do not get too close to these endangered species, but it is not uncommon for whales to approach crafts of their own accord, sometimes even swimming under the boat.

Rafts Provide The Closest Action

Ideal for those seeking more adventure, the Wet & Wild Raft Expedition brings you closest to the action. These rapid-moving, 24-foot-rigid-hull inflatables sit low on the water and when whales are encountered, there is a feeling of being right there with them at sea level.


All of Captain Andy's vessels are equipped with hydrophones which allow for listening to the whale "songs", which can be heard from more than 20 miles away and can last up to 20 minutes.

Kauai Whale Watch Tours

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