Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the difference between the 2 snorkel trips (Classic Na Pali Snorkel Picnic Sail vs. Star Na Pali Snorkel BBQ Sail)?

What's the difference between the 2 dinner sails (Capt. Classic Na Pali Dinner Sunset Sail vs. Star Na Pali Dinner Sunset Sail)?

What’s the difference between the catamaran and the rafting boats?

How many people can the rafts hold?

How many people can the catamarans hold?

What is a ride on the raft like?

Is one type of boat calmer than the others?

What should I bring?

Are pregnant women allowed?

Are children allowed?

Do we have to bring our own snorkel gear?

What kind of snorkel gear is used on board?

Can I use a full face snorkeling mask?

Can we bring a drone?

Do you provide prescription masks on board?

What’s the temperature of the water?

Do we need wetsuits or rashguards?

DIRECTIONS for all of our tours:

How long is snorkeling? Where will we snorkel? How deep is the water where we snorkel?

How far up the coast do we go?

What happens if the weather is bad?

What happens if it is raining all day?

What is the cancellation/change policy for your tours?

What is the dress code for the dinner sails?

Are there lockers on the boat or a safe place to keep my stuff?

Is it safe to leave my valuables in my rental car?

Is there parking at the harbor?

Will my things get wet?

Can I bring a camera?

Can we smoke on the boat?

Will I get seasick?

What can I do to prevent seasickness?

Do you sell seasickness preventatives?

What’s the best seasickness preventative?

Do you offer vegetarian/vegan/gluten free options?

What are the age limits for children on each tour?

What’s the weather like in the winter?

When is your winter season?

Do you run tours every day/are you open every day?

Are we going to see whales/ when is whale season?

Are we guaranteed to see dolphins?

When are dolphins most common/best tour to see dolphins?

Can we swim with the dolphins?

Will we see turtles?

Can we swim with the turtles?

What kind of sea life do we see?

Do we need to bring cash on board for anything?

Can I wear shoes on board?

Do we need to bring our own towels?

Can we bring a bag on board?

Do you sell seasickness preventatives on board?

What time is lunch/ dinner served?

What time does the bar open?

What kind of beer do you serve? What kind of wine do you serve?

Will I get wet?

Will I get service with my phone?

Can I bring food/snacks on board?

Can we bring alcoholic beverages on board?

Will there be shade on board?

Do I need sunscreen? Can I bring spray sunscreen?

We are celebrating a birthday/ special occasion- can I bring cake/champagne/cupcakes on board?

Do your trips go to the island of Niihau?

Does your company do drop off or picks up along the Na Pali coast?

Are there snacks before dinner?

Do we get to sail at all?

How long does it take to get to your harbor from the North shore?

From South shore?(Poipu)

West side?(Kekaha , Waimea)

East side?(Kapaa, Wailua)

What's the capacity of people you take on board?

Do you do pick ups/drop offs/ shuttle service from our hotel?

Do we stop at a beach on the catamarans?

I’m not an experienced snorkeler/swimmer- do you provide instructions/assistance in water?

I can’t swim - can I still go?

I can’t swim – can I snorkel?

Are you able to accommodate wheelchairs and wheelchair passengers on board?

I use a cane/crutches. Am I allowed to bring and use on board?

I use a walker. Am I able to take on tour?

Are you able to accommodate passengers that require oxygen tanks?

I require an insulin pump - are these ok to bring on board?

Are pacemakers allowed on your tours?

Are there life vests on board? Child size life vests?

Do we have to wear life vests?

Are there viewing boards on board?

When do you take payment?

How do we contact you?

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